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Cool Stuff From the CRFA Foodservice Expo
(Vancouver, B.C.)
(Excerpt from EAT/DRINK/BREATHE Blog)

Tabletree attended our first B.C. Foodservice Expo and we met some great people who loved our products. Here is a wonderful excerpt from a review of the Eat/Drink/Breathe Blog located at the link above. Thank you so much for your wonderful review.

“I was pointed back towards the convention centre entrance and by this time I was full of wine and cheese and coffee and everything… I was done.

So it was kind of strange that I veered off course for the door and tried one last sample before I packed it in. It must have been fate or something that drew me over, because getting to talk with Gary and Susan from Truscott Farms was the biggest pleasure of the show for me. They didn’t look like everybody else, didn’t talk like everybody else, didn’t compulsively check their text messages like everybody else.

“We’re farmers,” Gary said simply when I mentioned this to them, “that’s our main gig, but we come over from Creston to do these shows sometimes. We feel a little out of place, yeah” They were welcoming and loved to talk about their line of Tabletree Juices, the techniques they developed for juicing, and the homeopathic benefits of pure honest product. During the World Juice Conference in Barcelona, Spain, Tabletree’s black cherry juice won the 2012 Best Pure juice Award! I didn’t even know they had conferences about juice!

It was incredible stuff, sweet, comforting and deeply flavourful like a fine apple cider. I could actually feel the cherry skin break and give way to a satisfying sweetness as I sipped. A lot of care went into the cultivation and crafting of this nectar of the Gods.

That’s what stuck with me as I left the show, that pride in the people making products here on the Westcoast for other food-loving Westcoast people. Not big companies, but real people with farms, trees full of fruit and good ideas.”

Picture courtesy of Eat/Drink/Breathe


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