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October 9, 2014

Gary and Susan Snow, co-owners of Tabletree Enterprises Inc., are very pleased to announce that they have culminated a sale to Chris Jones, a professional football coach to supply the team with their world award winning Tabletree Black Cherry juice. The juice will act as both an injury preventative and an accelerated healing agent for sports related injuries.

While the natural medicinal values of cherry juice are common knowledge, the proprietary commercial juicing equipment invented by Gary & Susan Snow produces an exceptional quality product which makes it a world leader in flavour.

With the advent of supplying a professional football team, currently tied for second place in their league, this has opened up a whole new potential world wide market within the sports industry.

With our team, consisting of Gary and Susan Snow, owners and “juicers extraordinaire”, and Al Dawson, Marketing & Promotion, Canada & USA and Frank Elsener, Corporate Adviser, USA & Europe, we are moving Tabletree Juice into very lucrative potential markets and would certainly welcome any inquiries to consider joining us in this exciting trip.

We would be remiss if we did not thank Chris Jones. Chris recognizes the value of quality Tabletree Black Cherry Juice as a partner in keeping his players active on the field. Teaming up with Tabletree is an innovative move off the field in their march to the Grey Cup.


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