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Our Deep Roots


Lew & Iva Truscott

Gary Snow and Susan Snow

Micah & Ashley Snow

Cornwall Ranch 1910 Erickson, B.C.


Little did Gary & Susan know when they were married in 1986 that both of their families history would play a role in their future plans of processing the World's Best Juice.  Susan's family in Canada and Gary's in the USA.

Prompted by the romanticized descriptions in flyers and the British Newspapers of the availability of fertile farm land in Canada, the Truscott family sailed to Canada in 1908 and settled in Saskatchewan with the Barr Colonists.  Two years later in 1910 with the promise of bountiful fruit orchards, they moved to the lush fields of the Creston Valley in southeastern BC.  Susan Snow’s grandfather William Truscott, her grandmother and their four boys farmed the land growing primarily apples in those early years.   They called their farm "Cornwall Ranch".

Because of difficulties encountered during the Great Depression, Lew Truscott (Susan’s father) quit school to take over the family farm.  In 1956, Lew and his wife Iva diversified the orchard offerings to include a fruit stand and over 500 bee hives producing high quality honey.  In the 1970’s Lew was elected President of the Canadian Honey Council, and is still ever active in the politics of the industry.  Iva passed away several years ago however, today, Lew at 90 has given up his bees; and is living back on his original farm that he and Iva built that is now owned by his son Bill and watches all that is done on the farm with Iva's memory still warm in his heart. 

The year 2010………… 100th Anniversary of “Truscott Farms” in the Creston Valley!



Gary's Family - Susan and Gary Snow always knew that Gary's Great Grandfather was a grape grower and grape expert. But, it wasn't until only a few years ago that they learned of the Snow's colourful history and that he as well had a very successful juice company back in the 1800's in Penn Yan, N.Y. - Snow's Grape Juice Company.

George C. Snow and his family lived high on the hill overlooking Lake Keuka in upstate New York in the Finger Lakes area in a mansion called Esperanza. Esperanza has quite the history itself - it still overlooks Lake Keuka but is today a B&B.

The Snow's purchased Esperanza in 1873 and turned it into a thriving grape orchard and juice company. Snow's Grape juice was advertised and sold as far away as England. George's expertise as a grape expert was quite well known and he audited several books on grape growing and is recorded as such in those books that are still being used today. George C. Snow was also in charge of the Viticulture section at the Chicago World's Fair in 1893.

Upon George's death in 1902, they lost Esperanza and soon after that a fire broke out in a warehouse in Penn Yan that held all of their juice and they lost everything. The business was then sold to Welch's Grape Juice Company in 1902.

Interestingly, when Gary & Susan were in Spain for the World Juice Awards in 2012 they spoke to a Senior Vice President from Welch's who remembered reading about the Snow Grape Juice Company in their extensive archives.

Prior to moving to Montana to expand their juice company on the day of the closing of their farm property in Canada, Gary was researching the Snow Grape Juice Company on the internet and found an original empty bottle of the Snow Grape Juice on Ebay. They were lucky to have won the bid and below is the picture of the bottle back in the families hands some 125 years later.


Above: An advertisement from the 1800's. A picture of George C. Snow and Gary, Susan, and Micah Snow with the Snow Grape Juice bottle returned to the family 125 years later.


Esperanza Mansion - Then and Now


Historical newspaper articles from 1902 on Welch's history noting their purchase of the Snow Grape Juice Company. (See Asterisk);

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