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A Taste of Montana Without Leaving Your Couch!!

We have been blessed to have met a lot of great Montana companies in our travels and met a lot of really great friends in the process and we want to share all of those companies with you.  We encourage you to get directly in touch with them and order some of their amazing Montana products.  Please share this page with your friends and family on social media and let's help out small business in the State of Montana.

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Bequet Caramels    -

Béquet Confections is known for their award-winning Béquet® Gourmet Caramel. With eight national awards, the confectionery has been recognized by Martha Stewart Living Magazine, Food & Wine Magazine and featured on The Food Network. Caramel is the sole focus of Béquet Confections’ efforts, resulting in silky, smooth, creamy caramel. Béquet Caramel is a nationally recognized brand sold in more than 1,000 gourmet markets and natural food stores


Cereals, Grains, & Mixes

Cream of the West    -

Cream of the West™ has been manufacturing whole grain Montana-made products since 1914. Their retail store also offers all their whole grain products, as well as many varieties of locally-made, Western-themed foods, gifts & other merchandise. These items can be packaged separately or presented in an attractive tin, wooden crate, box or gift basket.



Flathead Lake Cheese    -

Out where the world is still wild, you'll find their bright yellow creamery by the bay where they create artisanal cheeses by hand in small batches.  Here is a link and description to the different cheeses.  - Joe's Hawaiian Shirt Feta, Ray's Pop Curds, Buckshot Gouda, Hotshot Gouda, Doorstop Gouda, Wisp of Smoke Doorstop Gouda, Hoppin Mad Gouda, Big Chai Gouda, Galiki Gouda, Plan 9, Doc Arnold's Notzarella



Cowboy Cricket Farms    -

Here's the thing - we all find crickets quite odd. Bugs are not a part of our normal diet. Yet, three quarters of the world currently eats bugs on a regular basis. Should we look at bugs as our next main protein? After they crunched the numbers, they decided "Move aside beef, crickets outweigh you pound for pound." See the numbers yourself, and think twice next time before you turn down that insect snack.  With cricket farming, they are able to drastically reduce the impact that our diets have on the planet.  Products available:  Chocolate Chirp Cookies, Cricket Powder, Whole Roasted Crickets in different flavors, and Cretaceou Crunchers,


Gluten Free

Gluten-Free Prairie    -    Call Gluten-Free Prairie directly as they are having trouble with Amazon orders.  Here is a link to their products however.  (406) 282-4280

All Gluten-Free Prairie products are manufactured at their Gluten-Free Bakery in Manhattan, Montana. With no rice, no corn, no Xanthan or other gums and No preservatives.  They are dedicated to providing fresh & healthy Gluten-Free products from the heart of our Gluten-Free prairie in Big Sky Country. Following strict Purity Protocols all GFP oats are grown in certified Gluten-Free fields, harvested and processed in a facility that is certified Gluten-Free. Products include Purity Protocol Gluten-Free Oatmeal, Groats, & Oat Flour Hunger Buster & Sugar Cookies Granola Baking Mixes Fresh Pizza Dough and Pizza Mix


Grains - Roasted

Kracklin Kamut    -

Big Sandy Organics is a family-owned company dedicated to making organic snacks. 100% Montana organically-grown Kamut® grain that has been lightly roasted in 100% Montana organically-grown cold-pressed safflower oil, then finished off with a touch of ancient sea salt.  Each batch of Kracklin’ Kamut® is carefully prepared and roasted, made ready for any person to enjoy a delectable and nutritious snack.



Treasure State Honey    -

Montana is known as The Treasure State for its abundance of precious natural resources. Treasure State believes that their bees make treasure too, at the purest and highest quality raw honey that can be found anywhere. They work hard to keep their bees happy and want to ensure that the honey they make gets to you in its purest and most natural RAW form in order to preserve its health benefits. Their honey is not heated, filtered, or otherwise messed with in any way! Treasure State Honey is award-winning from Apimondia, or the International Federation of Beekeepers’ Association, where their hard working bees brought the U.S.A. the gold in granulated honey! Raw honey, beeswax, and other honeybee-related products. Raw honey available in half-pint, pint, quart & gallon sizes. Infused honey, including huckleberry. Lotion bars and lip balm



El Topo Cantina    -    Contact Ken directly at (406)837-2114 to order or visit 7987 MT Hwy 35, Bigfork, MT

El Topo Habenero-Chipotle Sauce is made at  El Topo Cantina Mexican Restaurant in Bigfork, MT. The cooking process was developed with the intent of taking some of the heat out of the Habenero, while coaxing out the savory flavor offered by this extraordinary pepper.   This sauce, blended with Montana-grown carrots, onions, fresh garlic & a hint of Chipotle, has a wonderful savory & smoky flavor that adds a perfect touch to any entree, including soups, meat dishes, guacamole, fish tacos & even Bloody Marys. Their commitment to their customer is to use the freshest available Montana-grown ingredients, filtered Montana water & non-GMO produce.



Slammin Jams    -

Many old vintage jam recipes included Everclear liquor to preserve fruit.  Jamit's recipes took that idea a step further combining high-quality liqueurs and specialty spices with organic fruit and natural cane sugar.  The results were a decadent, rich, unique fruity flavor like no other jams or jellies.  They presently offer twelve varieties of jams.  Varieties include:  Happy Holiday Conserve, Blueberry Jalepeno, Huckleberry Select, Peach Amaretto, Cherry Cordial, Strawberry Margarita, Island Party, Black Forest Cherry, Plum Crazy Blackberry, Raspberry Chambord, Atomic Cherry, and Blueberry Schnappit.  




Tabletree Cherry Juice     -

“The darker the berry, the sweeter the juice.” New research shows that not only do these little, beautiful dark morsels of goodness taste great, but they may very well be healthier too because of their darker color.   Tabletree Cherry Juice is Montana’s juice!   Partnering with local growers, Tabletree is made on Flathead Lake with fresh Flathead Lake Cherries.  Tabletree is a healthy drink all by itself and in beverages for folks of all ages and tastes.  It’s a wonderful ingredient for the inner chef in everyone too.  Make Tabletree part of your daily health routine.  Cherries are also high in anthocyanins and bioflavanoids. Research shows you can boost immunity and increase muscle function recovery through the antioxidant strength of cherries.  Tabletree is never from frozen or concentrate with no artificial preservatives.  When you can’t have your cherries fresh, have the same taste without the pits. If your favorite store doesn’t have it, send them to to order.


Lip Balm

Lip Buzz    -    Contact Lis Maxwell directly at (406)788-2534

Amazing Lip Balm with Propolis - Ingredients include Wildcrafted Raw Beeswax, 100% organic propolis, coconut oil, shea butter, vitamin e oil, natural pure avocado oil and 100% certified organic essential oils. 


Whistling Andy Distillery    -  Although they are unable to send their product through the mail.  Give them a call to see where and how you can get it.

Whistling Andy Distilling, in Bigfork, meticulously handcrafts the finest in innovative and classic spirits using select local grains, local cherries, true first cut cane sugar and locally sourced botanicals whenever possible. They are truly a grain to glass distillery. Their spirits are derived from real, unmilled grains from local farmers with whom they have real, personal relationships. All components are hand selected and hand made from start to finish with no shortcuts or automation. You can find their spirits at state liquor stores across Montana and at their distillery in Bigfork.


Milk, Cream, Yogurt, Ice Cream


Kalispell Kreamery    -

Kalispell Kreamery produces and bottles its own MILK & DAIRY PRODUCTS in the Flathead Valley of Montana - cream-on-top whole & reduced fat milks, half & half, butter and whipping cream. Their milk is 100% antibiotic free and has no added hormones. All their products are pasturiezed for your safety.

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Oil & Vinegars

Genesis Kitchen    -

Genesis Kitchen offers foods that are not only delicious but also assist the human body. All ingredients, foods, and vendors have been thoroughly vetted. Their product selection is based on their commitment to extremely high quality food so all chemicals, preservatives, stabilizers, and anything artificial are entirely avoided.They have searched out and found several small producers and distributors that source fair-trade ingredients from small growers. This way they know where, when, and how their oils, balsamics, and food items were produced.  From specialty olive oils to balsamics to unique food items, they ship anywhere in the United States.


Pickles & Sauces

Plate & Pantry    -

Mealtime Specialties is a celebration of those small, extraordinary pantry food items that create unforgettable food memories!! Many times these tasty morsels or side dishes are not the focus of the meal, but are the things that make the experience memorable. With a variety of offerings to choose from in their online store.  Sweet Garlic Pickles - The best sweet pickle you will ever taste! A perfect blend of sweet, balanced with a hint of garlic & black peppercorns. Some say, "These are better than candy."



Blain Mountain Salsa    -

Blaine Mountain Salsa is made locally in Kalispell, Montana. Made fresh every week.  Their salsa starts with locally grown ripe off the vine tomatoes, always hand cut, always hand crafted.  It is minimally processed with no added sugar, no artificial preservatives. Just the freshest ingredients they can find. With ten different varieties they are sure you'll find a healthy heat level that is just right for you and your family.


Soups, Stews, Dry Mixes

Farver Farms    -

Farver Farms Mixes. All of the mixes in the Farver Farms line feature wheat, lentils, corn or barley grown right there on their 4th generation farm on the Prairies of Northeast Montana. Soups, stews, baked goods and salad use their whole grains, and require only 2-4 additional ingredients found commonly in most kitchens. From the field to the fork, they’re the same nutritious, high quality grains they put on our own table at night!


Tabletree Cherry Juice Made in Montana

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