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Our Story

Tabletree, is a fruit processing/juice company on the beautiful Flathead Lake in Northwestern Montana.  We work with the Flathead Lake Cherry Growers to process our award winning juices and other products on Finley Point from quality Montana cherries. 

Before our move to Montana from Canada in 2016, we were cherry growers and in 2010 we won 2nd place in the B.C. Innovations Council CAT (Commercialization of Agricultural Technology) competition for designing and inventing the equipment and process for juicing that is new to the juicing industry and to bring our product to market. There are no added preservatives or sugar in our products, just a touch of honey and cinnamon. Our juice is shelf stable for over one year and we have held juice over for several years and it is still wonderful.

On September 21, 2012 Tabletree was informed that our Black Cherry Juice was short-listed for the World Juice Award “Best Pure Juice” and on October 16th Tabletree won this prestigious award in Barcelona, Spain at the World Juice Conference. The event truly was the “World of Juice” that hosted 350 top company juice executives from 55 different countries. Once again our juices were recognized on the world stage and on October 3, 2013, Tabletree’s Red Apple Juice won 2nd place in the category “Best New Nectar or Juice” at the World Juice Conference and it was held in Cologne, Germany. An exciting time for Tabletree for sure!

Upon meeting an anti-inflammatory specialist at a meeting at UBC in Vancouver, our black cherry products were tested by Dr. Patrick Dutartre, CEO of Cohiro Biotechnology, a research company located in the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy at the University of Burgundy in Dijon, France. 

Our process is unique to the juicing industry and we have been selling our products for the last four years. When people taste our products they are amazed by the quality and are delighted by the elegance of our packaging.

We are third generation fruit growers (Tabletree Farms) and in Canada we were farming 19 acres of cherries in Creston, B.C. The year 2010 marked Susan's family’s 100th anniversary of growing fruit in the Creston Valley for which the Truscotts received a Century Farm Award in 2012 from the B.C. Minister of Agriculture. Five years ago, we anticipated the decline of the fresh market and began researching value-added opportunities for our fruit and invented and designed a proprietary juice extraction machine. A huge loss in the fresh market in 2009, coupled with tremendous rain storms that left 200,000 pounds of split fruit on the trees, catapulted our need to commercialize our juice business. 

We formed a corporation Tabletree Enterprises Limited in 2010 to participate in a competition through the B.C. Innovation Council ¬ the Commercialization of Agriculture Technology (CAT) Competition. In the first round of the competition, 21 companies were chosen from 60 applications and were awarded money to write a business plan of which we were one of those companies. In the second round of the competition those business plans were reviewed by a panel of judges that included representatives from Angel Investors, Corporate CEO’s, Academia, and Government. Eight (8) companies were chosen to make a presentation to the panel. We were one of the eight and then at a gala event in Vancouver, the winners were announced and we were fortunate to win 2nd place along with funds to build and commercialize our business.

The proposed innovation of our juice extraction method met the competitions criteria as follows:

- Based on advanced science and technology

- New to B.C.

- Would improve environmental sustainability

- Would improve economic sustainability (profitability)

- It was likely to be adopted broadly by business in the sectors

- Utilizes technologies to develop new and/or improve existing production processes

- Utilizes technologies to develop new and/or improve existing products and services

- And; that it solves a significant problem that the sectors face.


Now past our fourth year of production, we have seen tremendous growth and interest in our products.

At the Winter Fancy Food show in San Francisco last year, our representative that took our meetings down there for us, told us that Black Cherry is actually the up and coming “fruit” and flavour. People are amazed when they taste our products as they taste like fresh fruit.

There are very few 100% cherry juices on the market and some are mixed with blueberry or apple juice and most have a very off flavour as well. Ours does not. Black cherries are also higher in antioxidants and anthocyanins than sour cherries and therefore better for your health. (But being a black cherry grower, we would say that). The darker the fruit, the higher in goodness there is.

Agriculture & Agri Food Canada and the Red River College in Manitoba chose our cherry juice, along with 15 other Canadian products, to showcase at the National Restaurant Show in Chicago last year. The comments received from the Chef’s review “Chefs absolutely LOVED your juice and said the overall products (bottles) looked like they belonged in a Dean and Deluca type of store.” 

Tabletree has earned many awards and recognition in the food industry and most recently in 2012, Susan and Gary Snow were named in the Top 10 Business People in the Kootenay Business Magazine. In June, 2013, Tabletree was in the Top 3 for Product of the Year and an Innovation Award at the B.C. Food Processors Awards in Vancouver, B.C. and as well Tabletree is awaiting word after being nominated for a B.C. Export Award.

One research scientist at the Pacific Agriculture Research Station (PARC) in Summerland, B.C. who we had consulted with, said to us upon seeing our finished product for the first time… “If you had asked me an hour ago what I thought cherry juice looked like, I would have said oxidized, harsh taste, and overall quality not very good…and then you gave me this….” Another scientist took a look at it for a very long time and said, “Whatever you are doing to make this juice don’t change a thing, continue”.

At a demo at a Highland Farms in Toronto, the Grocery Manager said “I have never seen so many people waiting at a demo booth for a product before and I have worked here 26 years” When people taste our products they are overwhelmed by the quality and it sells itself.

The company was developed to answer an age-old problem in the fruit industry with the waste of perfectly good fruit. Our products are of exceptional quality, and there is a demand for our products especially once realizing the health benefit.

Realizing the benefit to their industry and the economic development opportunities, in 2015 the Flathead Cherry Growers Association contacted us to work with them on expanding our business in the U.S. Tabletree is currently working with the FLCG to renovate their building into a processing facility and together with the Flathead Cherry Growers Association, we will be producing Tabletree products from the beautiful Flathead Valley in Montana in 2016. 

Our products are:

Tabletree Black Cherry Juice

Tabletree Black Cherry Culinary Sauce (currently sold out)

Tabletree Red Apple Juice (currently sold out)

Tableetree Red Apple Culinary Sauce (currently sold out)


Tabletree Juices make a fantastic beverage served hot or cold, by themselves, mixed with any number of other beverages, or as an alcohol free substitute for wine. They also have a place on every chef’s ingredient list no matter their favorite style of cooking.

Tabletree Black Cherry or Cherry Culinary Sauces are another must have for anyone who cooks; the newbie at home, or a top executive chef. Made from our 100% fresh juices that is reduced down to one fourth of their original volume, concentrating and intensifying the flavor. In baking, marinades, vinaigrettes, stir fries, sauces, over ice cream, as a drizzle over an entrée or dessert, Tabletree Culinary Sauces are a most welcome addition to any dish.

Our products are packaged in an elegant looking glass bottle and there is a full pound of fruit in every 8.5 oz bottle of juice and the equivalent of four pounds of fruit in our 8.5 ounce bottles of culinary sauces. There are no preservatives, dyes, or chemicals of any sort in our products, just a touch of honey and cinnamon and products are tested shelf stable for over one year. Our products are "Proudly Produced, Picked, Prepared and Packed in Montana with No Preservatives". Because of our proprietary process, the quality of our products are quite amazing. We are members of the Specialty Food Association (formerly NASFT) and the Small Scale Food Processors.  Our products are currently in Montana, Idaho, and Oregon and soon into all 9 western U.S. states.  We are also selling our products in  B.C. and Alberta, Canada.

Tabletree Cherry Juice Made in Montana

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Bigfork, MT 59911
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